Botez Fundraiser Series Continues with Double Anna Appearance

Alexandra Botez’s exciting Saturday match series in partnership with US Chess Women continues on February 1st with a blitz match against Anna Cramling. Anna is a WFM and streamer, and the daughter of the legendary GM Pia Cramling. Anna hosted a stream during the Women’s World Championship that featured her mother and other special guests, including our own IM Hans Niemann. Check out her round eight coverage here:

IM Anna Rudolf, popular streamer and YouTube host will provide commentary for the match.

Rudolf, Shahade and Botez, San Francisco 2017

Match Details 

  • Date: Saturday, February 1st at 1 ET
  • Watch at
  • Opponent: WFM Anna Cramling, new Twitch streamer
  • Format: Commentary from IM Anna Rudolf, first to 10 wins, 3 + 0 time control
  • Prize fund: $650/$350 split
  • Donors: Ian “Maprail” Silverstone and Nikola Stojsin
  • Additional money will be raised during the match by the twitch audience and 60% will go directly to US Chess Women Programs.

To get involved, follow along on Find out more about Alexandra in our premiere Ladies Knight episode. 

You can also donate to US Chess Women programs directly using our online form, where you can scroll down and select “Women’s Initiative.”


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