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It’s a Friday night. You want to go somewhere exclusive, where everybody knows your name, but it’s too crowded to have any eyes on you. On March 10… Read More »
March Madness. The time of year when upsets cement unlikely players’ names in history. Brackets are busted, and silly mascot names become fans’ new… Read More »
Is classical chess dead? It’s no secret that this question makes me grimace. But it’s not because I am a “purist” who will balk at rapid chess.… Read More »
The Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF) organized the third annual KCF University Cup. This event was played on Lichess and hosted on Chessstream on the… Read More »
It started with 142 grandmasters (and two wildcards) in a nine-round bloodbath. From there, 76 players made it to a series of sudden death knockout… Read More »
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As the e-sports world grows in popularity, how can chess be made more accessible to this wider audience? Even at faster time controls, plenty of… Read More »
GM Hikaru Nakamura won his fifth Speed Chess Championship earlier this week, defeating GM Magnus Carlsen in a tense 14½–13½ match on...Read… Read More »
For this very prestigious edition of the Wednesday Workout, all tactics are selected from the recent-concluded Mr. Dodgy Invitational. With games all… Read More »
It started as a joke. Then, in 2020, it became an online eight-player Round Robin with only one prize. The prize was a picture of a man on a horse...… Read More »