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Shelby Lyman Dies at Age 82

A long-time nationally syndicated chess columnist and the face of the Fischer-Spassky match in America, Shelby Lyman died Sunday at age 82. The nephew of…

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Former US Chess President Ruth Haring

WIM Ruth Haring, 1955-2018

WIM Ruth Haring, 1955-2018 Former US Chess president and FIDE Zonal 2.1 (USA) president has died in California; once stated, “I love chess and want…

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Robert Burlingame

The Check Is in the Mail – September 2018

“Modern correspondence chess isn’t all about CPU power (although that obviously helps), but more about how you prepare each move and how you work with the engine in tandem with your own ideas. You can get lazy and buy a powerful computer, and probably get to a fairly decent rating on ICCF just parroting the engine, but that’s not going to take you to the top.”

–Wolf Morrow

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Ilye and his grandson, Gabriel, the future generation of chess in his family. Photo: Cecilia Figler

IM Ilye Figler (1947–2018)

If you are a regular to the Marshall Chess Club in New York City, you will certainly come across his name on numerous wall charts or recognize his face at one of the top boards during their weekly or weekend tournaments over the last 15 years or so.

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