Virginia High Schooler Pulls Sole Win at GM Ben Finegold Simul

One of the exciting events at the National High School Championship is the Grandmaster Simul, where scholastic competitors get a chance to play our guest Grandmaster in hopes that there really is strength in numbers.

On the morning of April 8, at this year’s High School Championship, guest GM Benjamin Finegold took on 20 competitors in the skittles room. Things got out to a brisk start, with Finegold strolling confidently between boards to make opening moves.

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In a simul, there’s always a moment a competitor hopes for and that’s when the GM “stops to think” at your board. Maybe you’ve got them in a tough spot! Maybe you’ll win! Ben’s wife, Karen Boyd, caught such a moment today.

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When the boards were finally settled, the guest GM racked up a score of 18-1-1. Who could have gotten the point against the “People’s Grandmaster”? The player in the photo above that made Finegold stop to think-- Sean Beavers, a 10th grader from Henrico, VA, representing Deep Run High School. 

2022 NHS Simul Sean Beavers
10th-grader Sean Beavers of Henrico, Virginia assesses the position at the Grandmaster Simul at the 2022 National High School Championship. Photo: Caroline King

Following the simul, US Chess was able to get his comments on this exciting win.

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GM Finegold also took a moment to discuss his competition this morning.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this morning's simul and to Grandmaster Finegold for providing the opportunity.

Our photographer Caroline King was able to capture some of the excitement at the simul today.

The opening ceremonies of the 2022 National High School Championship begin today at 12:45 p.m. CT with Round 1 starting promptly at 1 p.m. We’ll be following all the action and providing regular updates here at Chess Life Online and on the US Chess Twitter account. Follow and share your photos and experiences at #HSChessChamps.

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