US Chess Announces Girl Club Seminars on ZOOM

US Chess is hosting a series of motivational seminars for girls on Thursday evenings. On a pilot workshop, 2017 US Women's Champion Sabina Foisor spoke to a group of girls about her US Championship win, while Women's Program Director Jen Shahade talked about the intersection of chess and World War II. The second edition will be led by Jennifer Shahade, who will talk about tricks in chess, and will include many examples from the top female player in history, Judit Polgar. Ellen Wang, a member of the Unruly Queens will also come to talk about a key tactic from one of her own games. If you are interested in registering for our workshop this Thursday, please sign up at this link. Future seminars will feature Tatev Abrahamyan and Alisa Melekhina.   We are also hosting an adult beginner's class on Friday, May 8 at 8 PM ET. That workshop will also feature an interactive game and a special toast for Mother's Day, and all women are welcome. US Chess is also planning content and classes for both genders. If you are interested in getting on an email list with further information, please fill out a brief survey and expression of interest here.