Saturday Botez Live Series to Feature Alexandra vs. Chelsie Monica

Alexandra Botez’s match series in partnership with US Chess Women continues on March 14th with a match against WIM Chelsie Monica of Indonesia. The match will take place at 1 PM ET at Alexandra's new channel Since January of this year, Alexandra's streams have raised over $5,000 for our US Chess Women Programs, and have also raised additional funds to support future matches and emerging female streamers.

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Alexandra's opponent this week is WIM Chelsie Monica, a regular streamer at was the World School Chess Champion in 2008. You can also find Chelsie on twitter, instagram and YouTube. 

  • Date: Saturday, March 14th, at 1 PM ET
  • Match Details: WIM Chelsie Monica and Alexandra Botez will be playing an anti-Botez Gambit chess variant where each game starts without queens! The match will be half blitz (3 minutes) and half bullet (1 minute). Commentary by NM John Williams who did commentary on the last bullet match with Alexandra versus Qiyu.
  • Players: WIM Chelsie Monica was the world school chess champion in 2008. She streams nearly every day at
  • Prize Fund: $350/$150 split

Alexandra expanded her channel a few weeks ago in partnership with her sister Andrea Botez for, which you can also find on YouTube and  instagram. The channel also has a regular Friday night guest host, WGM Qiyu Zhou.

Take advantage of a new offer: using the code USWOMEN, you’ll receive 15% off any merchandise at US Chess Salesincluding the hat Alexandra is wearing above. Alexandra’s channel is at Find out more about Alexandra in our premiere Ladies Knight episode and in a recent NBC article with video about the streaming boom.  Find out more about our Women’s Programs at and donate here. 

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