Registration Open for FIDE World Cadets Chess Championships 2022

2022 FIDE Youth Cadets Chess Championships

FIDE, in conjunction with the Georgian Chess Federation and Georgian Chess Club, have announced that the FIDE World Cadets Chess Championships 2022 will be held Sept. 15-28 at the Euphoria Hotel Complex in Batumi, Georgia.


There will be six sections: Open and Girls in age categories Under 12, Under 10, and Under 8.

A player's age as of Jan. 1, 2022 determines their age eligibility for a section.

  • Under 12: Players born on or after Jan. 1, 2010
  • Under 10: Players born on or after Jan. 1, 2012
  • Under 8: Players born on or after Jan. 1, 2014

Each event will be a 11-round Swiss system tournament, using a time control of 90 minutes with a 30-second increment.

Direct titles shall be awarded according to the FIDE regulations.

If a player is more than 15 minutes late they forfeit the game.

The full schedule for all rounds can be viewed within the regulations document at


For security and organizational reasons, all participants must stay at the official event hotel booked through US Chess. The organizer offers the following accommodation options, for 13 nights (Sept. 15-28) with meals included from dinner on Sept. 15 to breakfast on Sept. 28:

  • $1,274.00/person in a single room, 1 person ($98/day)
  • $1,027.00/person in a double room, 2 people ($79/day)
  • $949.00/person in a triple room, 3 people (1 double/1 single bed, limited number available, $73/day)

The organizers will provide transportation from Batumi Airport on arrival and departure dates only for players and accompanying persons.


As part of our delegations to such events, US Chess would normally send coaches who would be onsite and available to players who opted to receive such services. This year, due to travel and health restrictions, US Chess will be arranging for coaching services to be conducted virtually.

Any player opting to receive this service can sign up at the time of registration. The fee is $1,400/player.


US Chess is accepting entries for eligible U.S. players until July 11, 2022. No registrations will be accepted after July 11, 2022. Interested and eligible U.S. players must register with US Chess to participate. The July 11 deadline is set to provide for administrative actions to meet the organizers' deadline.


Upon completion the form, US Chess will send an invoice which must be paid by the July 11 deadline.

Please note, the following additional fees will be charged:

  • Tournament Registration Fee - $100/player
  • FIDE Entry Fee - $150/player
  • Special Accreditation Fee for Accompanying Persons - $100/accompany person (without this accreditation you cannot access the playing venue or the free transport from the hotel to the venue)
  • US Chess Administrative Fee - $400/player
  • US Chess Coaching Fee - $1400/player (optional)

A current US Chess membership through the end of the tournament for all U.S. participants.

A U.S.A.-flagged FIDE ID is required for all U.S. players.

If you do not currently have a FIDE ID, please complete our FIDE ID Request Form at


All players will be required to sign a waiver for participation before their entry into the tournament is confirmed. Please visit he USA State Departments Travel Advisory website for the latest information regarding traveling to Georgia.


US Chess Federation is pleased to announce that six players have qualified as Official Representatives (OR) and two players have qualified as Personal Rights (PR) players for the FIDE World Cadets Chess Championship 2022.

If an OR in an age category (listed below) declines to attend, then the highest rated player, according to the US Chess Feb. 2022 rating supplement in that category, who is registered and fully paid with US Chess by July 11, 2022, will be considered the OR.

All OR and PR players who plan to attend must be registered and fully paid with US Chess by the July 11, 2022, deadline.

OR and PR players receive a travel stipend and free coaching, and are reimbursed for hotel, entry fees, and administrative fees. Travel and all fees for accompanying persons are the player’s responsibility.

Official Representatives (OR):

Ryo Chen - TX (Open, U12)
Sam Luger - NY (Open, U10)
Santhosh Ayyappan - NJ (Open, U8)
Jasmine Su - CT (Girls, U12)
Megan Paragua - NY (Girls, U10)
Sujia Diao - NJ (Girls, U8)

Personal Rights Players (PR):

Tariq Yue - PA
Eshaan Hebbar - NJ


If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Bryon Doyle, US Chess FIDE Events Manager at

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