BotezLive Fundraiser Match Features Cross-Continental Challenge

On Saturday, February 29th, streamer and WFM Alexandra Botez's series of Saturday matches to raise awareness and funds for US Chess Women continues with a cross-continental challenge. WFM Lili Koridze of Georgia will face WGM Qiyu Zhou of Canada. Both defeated Alexandra Botez in previous Saturday blitz matches, and the match is expected to be highly competitive.
The theme is that these are the two players who beat me pretty badly so now I will let them battle each other to see who is stronger!
Qiyu Zhou is a World Youth Champion, Women’s Canadian Champion and Olympian. You can follow her on twitch, instagram and YouTube. Zhou also coaches a series of girls chess classes in Toronto and you can find out more about her chess beginnings and philosophy on this “Humans of Chess” blog. WFM Lile Koridze is a new twitch streamer who played on the Georgian Women’s Olympic team in 2018. You can also find her on instagram.  Match Details: Date: Saturday, Feb. 29 at 1 ET Watch: Match Details: WFM Lile Koridze and WGM Qiyu Zhou will be playing 3+2 with first to 10 wins. Commentary: WFM Alexandra Botez Prize Fund: $350/$150 split donated by Ian "Maprail" Silverstone. 60% of on-stream donations will go to our US Chess Women Programs. Tune in to Find out more about Alexandra in our premiere Ladies Knight episode and in a recent NBC article with video about the streaming boom.  Find out more about our Women’s Programs at, find out a full listing of our women’s related articles and announcements here and donate here.