Ladies Knight with Maureen Grimaud [PODCAST]

Podcast (ladies-knight): Play in new window | Download | Subscribe by Email  The August episode of Ladies Knight features Maureen Grimaud, chair of the US Chess Women's committee. Maureen is a vocal proponent and supporter of bringing more women and girls into chess, from her work with the girls club' rooms and Regional women's events. In a Sports Illustrated article about women in chess, Maureen said, "It's a numbers game, It's a total and complete numbers game. What the women's committee is trying to do is to grow the base." Maureen, who is a successful franchise owner, got into chess through her husband David Grimaud. In her interview with Jennifer, she explains how she uses lessons from business to help her grow chess for girls and women. They also discuss the popular Girls' Club Rooms at US Chess National Scholastics, a concept that Maureen Grimaud was instrumental in executing. Jennifer and Maureen were both at the 120th US Open in Orlando, and they managed to fit in a quick chess lesson.

Stay up to date with US Chess Women on and make a donation of any size on our secure online form. Ladies Knight won two 2019 Chess Journalist of the Year Awards, including an award for Shahade's conversation with US Women's Champion Jennifer Yu.

Ladies Knight features music by the artist Juga, who went viral when her song, Oh Capablanca,dropped in the Fall of 2018. You can find more about Juga on Find a full index of US Chess podcasts here. To support the podcast, subscribe and if you like it, rate five stars on Apple Podcasts and review. Consider a donation to advance our Women’s Programs at US Chess Sales has also recently unveiled a suite of new US Chess Women themed merchandise, which helps support US Chess Women.

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