Executive Board Election: Ballot Order

On Wednesday, February 17, Executive Director Carol Meyer, Governance Coordinator Jennifer Pearson, and Chair of the Election Committee Ken Ballou met via Zoom to determine the order in which candidates for the Executive Board would appear both in Chess Life and on the ballot.

The names of the candidates were placed in an online randomizer. At Carol Meyer’s prompting, Ken Ballou chose the number 4 as the number of times the names would be run through the randomization process.

The resulting order:

Randy Bauer (Iowa)
John C Fernandez (Missouri)
Kevin Joseph Pryor (Florida)
Ryan Velez (Kentucky)

Candidate statements will first appear in the April issue of Chess Life and further statements will be in the May and June issues.

Ballots will be sent to registered voters in June. To learn more about voting in US Chess Executive Board elections, visit this page: https://new.uschess.org/us-chess-voter-registration