US Chess Voter Registration

Why Register to Vote

Becoming a voting member of US Chess allows you to vote for who will serve on the US Chess Executive Board. Elections are currently held annually with ballots sent out in June and counted in July. The board members elected are confirmed at the annual meeting that year.


Who Can Be a Voting Member

To be eligible to register as a US Chess Voting Member, you must be a current US Chess member with a membership of one year or greater. Voting members must be age 16 or over as of June 30 of the election year. In addition, eligible members must register to vote by 11:59:59 PM Central Time on May 1st of the year in which the election is held.

Once registered, a member’s status as a Voting Member continues as long as he or she is a member.  When a membership lapses, Voting Member status ceases. As soon as lapsed members renew their membership, they can register to vote again.


How to Register to Vote

To register, log in to this website and use the button for registering to vote on your profile.

You can also request to be registered to vote by sending your US Chess ID number and whether you want to vote online or by paper ballot to and our staff will register you.

All members who are selected as US Chess Delegates, Alternate Delegates or Executive Board members are automatically registered as Voting Members.


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