BotezLive Match Featuring Jennifer Yu to Benefit Online Education

This week's Saturday match on will feature our reigning US Women's Champion, Jennifer Yu. At 4 EDT on Saturday, April 11th, Jennifer will face Alexandra Botez in a first to 30 bullet match. Ever since Isolated Queens, Jennifer Yu has started streaming on twitch regularly, and is now an official twitch affiliate.  She told CLO,

I think the most surprising thing about streaming is the learning curve. The first time I streamed during Isolated Queens, it was an unique experience and I wasn't sure exactly what to do (and it definitely showed in my games). After a few more streams, it's much more natural and fun! I love interacting with chat! After all, it's for the viewers! It's a lot of fun to get to directly answer questions and read reactions.

While Jennifer Yu is a higher rated player in classical time controls, Alexandra Botez is well known for her bullet skills, including incisive premove technique. This allowed Alexandra to best new BotezLive streamer, WGM Qiyu Zhou in a recent match. Yu told CLO she doesn't have much experience playing bullet, but will be practicing more in the days before the match.

Grandmaster Aman Hambleton of the ChessBrah channel will be providing lively commentary that will definitely help your bullet game. With many tournaments and school clubs on hiatus to reduce the spread of COVID-19, this month's BotezLive matches will benefit online educational opportunities for US Chess members and followers, such as Zoom seminars and masterclass streams led by male and female professionals and coaches. 60% of on stream donations will support US Chess online programming while 40% goes back to support future matches. Thanks to all of the twitch donors, and to Ian "Maprail" Silverstone for supporting these events. See you on Saturday! Find out more about Alexandra in our premiere Ladies Knight episode and in a recent NBC article with video about the streaming boom.  Find out more about our Women’s Programs at, find out a full listing of our women’s related articles and announcements here.