Aagaard Headlines CLO Candidates Coverage

US Chess is proud to announce that GM Jacob Aagaard, one of the world’s leading chess authors and trainers, will be a featured contributor to our coverage of the 2020 Candidates Tournament. Originally from Denmark but now hailing from Scotland, Aagaard is best known for his Grandmaster Preparation series of books published with Quality Chess, an imprint he helped found in 2004. Today he is in great demand as a top-level trainer, working with GM Boris Gelfand, GM Sam Shankland, numerous young Indian talents, and some of America’s top juniors at the US Chess School. Aagaard serves as the head of the FIDE Trainers Commission, and has recently partnered with GM Ramesh RB to launch the 365 Chess Academy. You can hear more about 365 by listening to a recent episode of the Perpetual Chess Podcast focusing on the Academy. Aagaard will be providing exclusive annotations and analysis for CLO readers to complement our daily coverage. We also hope to have some videos with Aagaard and CLO Digital Editor John Hartmann taking a deeper look at key moments and positions, as discussed in this preview video recorded March 10th via Skype. In the video Aagaard mentions the free Candidates Quiz offered by Quality Chess, with book prizes and memberships to 365 Chess Academy awarded to the winners. You can take part in this long-standing tradition by filling out the Google form here: https://forms.gle/jcaJJahz6NVw4nG4A   Candidates Schedule: (note that play begins at 7am EDT)
Date Day Event
3/16/2020 Monday Opening ceremony
3/17/2020 Tuesday Round 1
3/18/2020 Wednesday Round 2
3/19/2020 Thursday Round 3
3/20/2020 Friday Rest day
3/21/2020 Saturday Round 4
3/22/2020 Sunday Round 5
3/23/2020 Monday Round 6
3/24/2020 Tuesday Rest day
3/25/2020 Wednesday Round 7
3/26/2020 Thursday Round 8
3/27/2020 Friday Round 9
3/28/2020 Saturday Rest day
3/29/2020 Sunday Round 10
3/30/2020 Monday Round 11
3/31/2020 Tuesday Round 12
4/1/2020 Wednesday Rest day
4/2/2020 Thursday Round 13
4/3/2020 Friday Round 14
4/4/2020 Saturday Tie breaks (if needed) and closing ceremony
  Quick Links: Official FIDE 2020 Candidates Page Schedule / Pairings

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