2020 U.S. Junior and U.S. Senior Opens have been Canceled

Host hotel cancels event booking due to COVID-19 preparations

The 2020 U.S. Junior Open and the 2020 U.S. Senior Open have been canceled and will not be rescheduled. The events were scheduled for June 5-7 at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel & Conference Center in Pomona, California. US Chess was forced to cancel the events after receiving this message from the host hotel, which is assisting in COVID-19 relief efforts: “Sheraton Hotel is no longer available for outside bookings and meetings starting today [March 24] through June 30th, as the hotel converts to assist with the local community.”

US Chess will be providing full entry fee refunds to the 10 players that have already registered for the Junior Open (no advance entries have been received for the Senior Open). They will be processed automatically; there is no need to contact US Chess about this. US Chess appreciates your patience. If you have a hotel reservation already, call the Sheraton’s toll-free number to cancel reservations at 1-888-627-8074. The one-night deposit will be refunded at that point.

These two events will be at this same location in 2021 from June 4-6. US Chess will continue to work hard to bring you the national championships our community loves. Though these events will no longer take place, we continue to focus on advancing our mission statement: Empower people, enrich lives, and enhance communities through chess.

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