2019 K-12 Grade Championships Results

After three days and seven rounds of competition, here are the winners of the 2019 K-12 Grade Championships. US Chess will have annotations and reflections from some of the winners later this week.


Individual: Lucas Yang, New York. Team: The Speyer Legacy School; New York, New York.

1st Grade:

Individual: Mason Jin Li, Pennsylvania; and Jeremy Tao, New York. Team: Dalton School; New York, New York

2nd Grade:

Individual: Michael Xiao, California; Leo Yang, California; and Eden You, New York. Team: Hunter College Elementary School; New York, New York.

3rd Grade:

Individual: Rohan Rajaram, California; and Andrew Jiang, Georgia. Team: NEST+m School; New York, New York.

4th Grade:

Individual: Yuvraj Rudra Chennareddy, Illinois. Team: The Speyer Legacy School; New York, New York.

5th Grade:

Individual: Erick Zhao, Florida. Team: Joseph A. Williams Elementary School; Gainseville, Florida.

6th Grade:  

Individual: Bach Ngo, Florida. Team: Lincoln Middle School; Gainseville, Florida; and Westglade Middle School; Parkland, Florida.

7th Grade:

Individual: Wyatt Pak, New York. Team: I.S. 318; Brooklyn, New York.

8th Grade:

Individual: Nathaniel Shuman, New York. Team: Dalton School; New York, New York.

9th Grade:

Individual: Raghav Venkat, Florida. Team: Hunter College Campus School; New York, New York.

10th Grade: 

Elton Cao (photo Ana Vivas)
Individual: Elton Cao, Ohio. Team:  Jericho High School, Jericho, New York.

11th Grade:

Individual: International Master Hans Niemann, New York. Team: Newark Academy; Livingston, New Jersey.

12th Grade:

Individual: Ansh Milinkumar Shah, New Jersey. Team:  Edgemont High School; Scarsdale, New York.

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