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Just weeks after becoming the newly crowned US Champion, Sam Shankland won the 2018 Capablanca Memorial by a convincing 1.5 point margin.Read More »
[pgn] [Event "Altibox Norway"] [Site "0:34:33-0:42:33"] [Date "2018.06.03"] [Round "6"] [White "Wesley So"] [Black "Magnus Carlsen"] [Result "1-0… Read More »
After a dramatic playoff, 24-year-old Nazi Paikidze became our new US Women's Chess Champion. After 11 rounds of Classical chess, Paikidze was tied… Read More »
Congratulations to 26-year-old Grandmaster Sam Shankland, our new US Chess Champion! Sam finished ahead of three GMs in the top ten players in the...… Read More »
American Hikaru Nakamura, one of the world’s top chess Grandmasters, has shown his generosity by honoring a pledge he made earlier this year to… Read More »
Relive the key moments on Caruana's journey to become Carlsen's Challenger.Read More »
Fabiano Caruana at the final round of the Candidates Tournament in Berlin. Photo Brian C. Glover Fabiano Caruana will represent the United States as… Read More »
Jennifer Yu is one of America's most promising rising female players, earning a myriad of national and international achievements over the years. In… Read More »
Sam Shankland after winning the 2018 US Championship. Photo: Lennart Ootes Sam Shankland 2018 U.S. Champion and Super-Grandmaster US Chess Rating… Read More »
Sabina Foisor has been a top contender in the U.S. Women's chess sphere for many years. In 2017, Foisor entered the U.S. Women's Championship as an… Read More »

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