Round six of the U.S. Championships saw a mix of crushing attacks and subtle endgames, with the leader(s) in all three sections remaining unchanged… Read More »
With four rounds completed at the 2023 U.S. Championships, we’ve seen enough games to have some idea of who will be fighting for the coveted titles… Read More »
Editor’s note: From July 15–25 at the Saint Louis Chess Club (SLCC), chess is the big sensation. But it doesn’t stop there. Earlier this month, SLCC… Read More »
Shabalov, Yu, Yoo
The 2023 U.S. Senior, U.S. Junior, and U.S. Girls' Junior National Championships begin this weekend at the Saint Louis Chess Club. The… Read More »
US Chess Federation logo
The US Chess Federation is pleased to announce the 2023 Annual Award recipients. Congratulations to all of these individuals and organizations who… Read More »
Intergenerational CLO thumb
Welcome to One Move at a Time, the show where we highlight people and organizations that are advancing our US Chess mission statement to… Read More »
Vega Thumbnail
US Chess has learned that Jorge Fernandez Vega has died at the age of 87. He was the FIDE President of Confederation of Chess for Americas (CCA), and… Read More »
One Move at a Time GM John Fedorowicz
For the November edition of One Move at a Time, we offer a look back at one of our favorite episodes. In this EP from May 2022, Dan Lucas sits down… Read More »
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