Wednesday Workout
This week's Wednesday Workout begins a four-part series of tactics taken from the invitational tournaments held alongside the U.S. Open in Grand… Read More »
Wednesday Workout
Have you been following our daily reports from the U.S. Open? If so, you might recognize some (but not all!) of this week's puzzles, which are all… Read More »
Day four of the U.S. Open saw the end of the invitational tournaments, the first master-on-master match-ups of the traditional open schedule, and the… Read More »
In many sports, halftime is a great time for players to reset, gather their bearings, and map out their plans for the rest of the event. In the U.S.… Read More »
38 years ago in 1985, the first Denker Tournament of High School State Champions was held: a melting pot for strong chess players all over the nation… Read More »
board one
The first thing chess players will notice when they arrive at the U.S. Open? This place is huge! The DeVos Place is a lovely convention… Read More »
As the 2023 U.S. Championships wound down, we had some great games to cap off a great tournament. The players in the Junior and Girls’ junior… Read More »
The National Championships held in St. Louis are known for showcasing America’s chess talent, from the veterans in the Senior to the rising youth in… Read More »
Round six of the U.S. Championships saw a mix of crushing attacks and subtle endgames, with the leader(s) in all three sections remaining unchanged… Read More »
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