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The two American GMs remain in Sochi, Russia as the International Chess Federation's global knockout bracket has trimmed to 32 players.Read More »
Six US Chess stars remain in Sochi, Russia in the 2021 FIDE World Cup, including IM Carissa Yip as the last American standing in the first-ever Women… Read More »
US Chess is represented by 17 American qualifiers in this year's World Cup and the first-ever Women’s World Cup.Read More »
After his stunning return to the board at the 2021 Prague Masters, CLO caught up with the two-time Olympic gold medalist on his way to Sochi for the… Read More »
An announcement from FIDE: Due to the many travel restrictions still in force all around the world, the FIDE Council has approved postponing several… Read More »
12-year-old Grandmaster Abhimanyu Mishra (Englishtown, NJ) is the youngest Grandmaster in history, subject to confirmation from FIDE, breaking the...… Read More »
Two dimensions, three dimensions, less time or more: American GM Wesley So is playing elite chess across all boards.Read More »
The Grand Chess Tour continues with back-to-back events, picking up speed in Paris on Friday just after finishing the kickoff classical event in...… Read More »
American GMs Fabiano Caruana and Wesley So headline the 2021 Tour with five OTB tournaments this summer, kicking off with back-to-back events in...… Read More »
Hikaru Nakamura lost a fiery rematch and Fabiano Caruana lost just three total games, but US Chess Champ So is the only American left in the latest… Read More »

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