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American GMs Fabiano Caruana and Wesley So headline the 2021 Tour with five OTB tournaments this summer, kicking off with back-to-back events in...… Read More »
Hikaru Nakamura lost a fiery rematch and Fabiano Caruana lost just three total games, but US Chess Champ So is the only American left in the latest… Read More »
The Global Women’s Online Chess Challenge “The Queens’ Festival”, will be a series of continental and global women’s online chess tournaments and...… Read More »
World No. 2 Fabiano Caruana joins American GMs Wesley So and Hikaru Nakamura in studded lineup featuring the top-10 chess players on the planet.Read… Read More »
The American blitz specialist seeks his first finals appearance against Azerbaijani GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov in the fifth leg of the Champions Chess… Read More »
Chinese GM Wang Hao announces retirement, FIDE to revisit tiebreaker rules, and the promise of another Candidates Tournament in 2022 all marked the… Read More »
The Russian No. 1 clinched the Candidates Tournament with a round to spare on Monday, and will next face Magnus Carlsen in a World Championship match… Read More »
Who said classical chess was dead? With four decisive results in four games, the 12th round of the FIDE Candidates Tournament was as entertaining as… Read More »
GM Fabiano Caruana didn’t lose ground after his Round 11 draw with leader GM Ian Nepomniachtchi, but today’s result may have shut the door on his...… Read More »
GM Ian Nepomniachtchi took a big step towards winning the 2020-2021 FIDE Candidates Tournament with the only victory of Round 10, defeating GM Kirill… Read More »

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