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To all US Chess Affiliates, Organizers and Tournament Directors: If you must cancel a tournament for which you had a Tournament Life Announcement (TLA) and which you advertised with US Chess, we are offering affiliates an opportunity to send an email blast notice with the blast fee waived. As we continue to evaluate the situation involving the Coronavirus, we have extended this offer through April 30, 2020. If your affiliate did not advertise the event you are cancelling with US Chess, we still want to offer you this free email blast to help you get notice out of the cancellation. After you have created your email blast, set up and merged your query, and approved both, you will then click on the option to send a test copy of your blast to “US Chess Staff.” Joan DuBois will review your blast and if approved, she will mark it as such, waive the fee, and then your blast will be released. If you have not yet notified the US Chess office of your event’s cancellation, you must do so by emailing the TLA department, Be sure to provide the following: Date of event; name of the event; your affiliate number, and, if possible, the TLA # from when the TLA was processed. Affiliates can find the email blast programs in our TD/Affiliate Support Area after they have logged in. If you are new to the process, we are happy to walk you through the process and/or email you the steps. You can email Joan DuBois at if you need assistance. We do ask that you consider the size of your demographic query and only include those states/zip code ranges, etc. to reach your prospective audience for your event.


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With everything going on you need to extend titles to the online arena! They can be online titles only but you need to use your partnership with to make this happen!!!!

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No online titles please. Just no.

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The new norm will not be like the old. The USCFS norms should also adjust. As much as I appreciate the USCFS, there business model is outdated. Create USCFS online only titles and create another revenue stream. The transition of chess to an online game has already happened for the casual player and Covido has hastened the transition for tournament players. Catch up or be left behind!!!

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