One Move at a Time with April Guest Emily Allred [PODCAST]

Note: Due to a technical issue, the host's voice is poorly recorded. Our guest Emily Allred's recording is good.

Welcome to the April 2019 edition of “One Move at a Time,” the US Chess podcast in which we talk to people who are advancing the US Chess mission statement to “Empower people, enrich lives, and enhance communities through chess.” In a first for the show, we recorded live on site with our guest!
Emily Allred of the World Chess Hall of Fame with Dan Lucas at the opening reception for US Chess: 80 Years—Promoting the Royal Game in America. Photo by Carmody Creative, courtesy of the Saint Louis Chess Campus
This month host Dan Lucas, the Senior Director of Strategic Communication at US Chess, talks to Emily Allred, the Associate Curator at the World Chess Hall of Fame. She has worked at the museum since 2013 and has curated or co-curated 14 exhibitions, including Jacqueline Piatigorsky: Patron, Player, Pioneer (2013);  Living Like Kings: The Unexpected Collision of Chess and Hip Hop (2014); Battle on the Board: Chess during World War II (2015); Her Turn: Revolutionary Women of Chess (2016); and Global Moves: Americans in Chess Olympiads.   This episode focuses on the current exhibition she curated that celebrates our 80th anniversary year: US Chess: 80 YearsPromoting the Royal Game in America. To enhance your listening of this podcast in which we discuss and describe a number of the exhibition's artifacts, please see the following: Download the exhibition brochure here:
Our theme music “So Don’t I” was composed by Alex King, a National Master who lives in Memphis, Tennessee. Comments and questions are appreciated; please write to For more US Chess podcasts, see “Cover Stories with Chess Life” and “Ladies Knight” in our podcast category. And coming on April 23, our final addition to our podcast lineup, "Chess Underground" hosted by Assistant National Events Director Pete Karagianis!  


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Hi,Emily Allred my name is Anthony Francis, and I'm a member in good standing with the USCF! I haven't always been a chess player, so I'm a late Bloomer! In 2000, I played in my 1st unrated chess tournament! In 2005, I played in my 1st rated tournament, and in 2014, I WON my 1st TROPHY! In 5 CONSECUTIVE years, I've WON 11 TROPHIES! To commemorate this MILESTONE, I UNVEILED my NEW chess CHAMPIONSHIP BELT! Now I'm on my way to visit the world chess museum on 4/22/2019! I recently made my contributions to the museum prior to USCF and the WCHOF! You might say that I have up my contributions game! On Easter Sunday, I'll be 52, and on that Monday, I'll be visiting ST. LOUIS!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU. CONGRATS ON YOUR SUCCESS!!! Sincerely, Anthony Francis P.S. I'll be bringing my NEW chess CHAMPIONSHIP BELT with me, but if want to see it sooner, I'm on Facebook, you can get an early view of it!!!

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