World Championship Memories: Top Ten Tweets from Carlsen-Caruana

It's been just over a week since the Carlsen-Caruana World Championship ended, but it feels like a lot longer. Let's reminsce via the top ten tweets from IM Eric Rosen's popular US Chess feed during the event. #10: Even the GOAT can be wrong, as 13th World Champion Garry Kasparov predicted that the World Championship would be decided in round 12! #9-#7 The World Champion's chess is as strong as ever, but he may be losing his poker face! #6- Throwback to Game Six, one of the most intriguing endgames of World Championship history, where Fabiano Caruana had a deep study-like win after an exhausting knight tour. #5- Incredible angles from Eric Rosen: #4- Chess reached new heights of popularity throughout the match. #3- A wild Thanksgiving game, played with incredible accuracy, kept us all on the edge of our seats.

[Event "Carlsen - Caruana World Championship"]
[Site "London ENG"]
[Date "2018.11.22"]
[White "Fabiano Caruana"]
[Black "Magnus Carlsen"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[ECO "B33"]
[PlyCount "107"]
[EventDate "2018.11.09"]

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 e5 6. Ndb5 d6 7. Nd5 Nxd5 8.
exd5 Nb8 9. a4 Be7 10. Be2 O-O 11. O-O Nd7 12. b4 a6 13. Na3 a5 14. bxa5 Rxa5
15. Nc4 Ra8 16. Be3 f5 17. a5 f4 18. Bb6 Qe8 19. Ra3 Qg6 20. Bc7 e4 21. Kh1 b5
22. Nb6 Nxb6 23. Bxb6 Qg5 24. g3 b4 25. Rb3 Bh3 26. Rg1 f3 27. Bf1 Bxf1 28.
Qxf1 Qxd5 29. Rxb4 Qe6 30. Rb5 Bd8 31. Qe1 Bxb6 32. axb6 Rab8 33. Qe3 Qc4 34.
Rb2 Rb7 35. Rd1 Qe2 36. Re1 Qxe3 37. Rxe3 d5 38. h4 Rc8 39. Ra3 Kf7 40. Kh2 Ke6
41. g4 Rc6 42. Ra6 Ke5 43. Kg3 h6 44. h5 Kd4 45. Rb5 Rd6 46. Ra4+ Ke5 47. Rab4
Ke6 48. c4 dxc4 49. Rxc4 Rdxb6 50. Rxe4+ Kf7 51. Rf5+ Rf6 52. Rxf6+ Kxf6 53.
Kxf3 Kf7 54. Kg3 1/2-1/2 [/pgn] #2- The World Championship hosted incredible guests, from legendary photography Harry Benson to actor Woody Harrelson to Demis Hassabis of Deep Mind AI. #1- Still #TeamFabi Our most popular tweet of all was this heartwarming series posted by  Jennifer Shahade. She rode on the Saint Louis Chess Club bus that welcomed Fabiano back home a week ago with banners, cheers and champagne. This series fully captures how we feel about the valiant attempt of our World Championship Candidate, Fabiano Caruana.  


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I cannot help but stare in wonder , class chess coverage all over the place and everyone speaks internationally.These then are the days of thunder when American chess gets serious, is no longer a pathetic joke.... The wonder, the wonder.It is my great triumph that I even survived to see this. Jude Acers/New Orleans

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