IM Eric Rosen on What Makes a World Championship Tweet

IM Eric Rosen will be taking over the US Chess twitter feed starting in round three of the highly anticipated Carlsen-Caruana World Chess Championship underway in London.

In anticipation of Eric’s contributions, we asked about his own favorite tweets and his predictions for the World Championship.

Jennifer Shahade- What were your best/most popular tweets ever?

Eric Rosen– I posted my most popular tweet just last week. It did not come from a major chess event, but rather from a funny moment in a small high school chess tournament.

Upon waking up the next day, I was stunned to see the tweet had 100+ retweets and 500+ likes. It helped that accounts with massive followings like and chess24 retweeted it.

This GIF of a ridiculous handshake between Carlsen and So also made waves around the Chess Twitterverse…

JS: How do you evaluate Magnus and Fabi’s social media prowess?

ER: They both have great behind-the-scenes content across Instagram and Twitter, but it would be nice if they post more often. It’s almost like they have a life outside of social media.   

JS: Any match predictions?


  • Petrovs,¬†Catalans,¬†Maybe some Berlins
  • A handful of early draws followed by decisive games
  • At some point, Carlsen will overpush and lose against Caruana‚Äôs Petrov.
  • At some point, Caruana will unleash a groundbreaking Catalan novelty to take another point.
  • Caruana will win before reaching tiebreaks

Fabiano Caruana and Jennifer Shahade, Photo IM Eric Rosen at the 2018 US Chess Championships

JS: Totally unbiased, but I love those predictions myself! What accounts are your favorite to follow?

ER:¬†There are countless accounts with amazing content during these large chess events, but here are a few that stand out…


This guy knows how to photoshop.

Mike Klein

One of the best chess journalists out there… always has great insights, both funny and informative. (Mike was interviewed on CLO last month.)

Anish Giri

A super GM with a sense of humor

JS: What should we expect from your Takeovers?

ER: Expect a lot of variety 

  • Photos,¬†GIFs,¬†Analysis of key positions and openings
  • Blunder alerts
  • Behind the scenes from the world championship venue
  • Interactions with chess fans
  • Timelapses
  • Twitter polls
  • Pregame predictions

Interact with Eric Rosen on twitter @USChess and use the hashtag #CarlsenCaruana. is the tournament website. The Today in Chess broadcast daily with a new start time of 10 AM ET  will feature a star-studded schedule of interviews. Full list of viewing options in our Couch Potato guide. Find our media kit and mainstream media round-up here.  


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