Wednesday Workout: Louisiana Legend Jude Acers

If you've spent any time in the French Quarter in New Orleans — or any time in our comments section on Chess Life Online — you've surely come across FM Jude Acers. The local legend was the recent subject of a feature in NOLA News, so we at CLO decided now was a good time to get on the hype train and revisit some recent hits and all-time classics from the beloved master.




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Whooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! :.....I can hardly believe my eyes....Intrepid all universe,overworked like a slave, chess news scribe JJ"the Cool" Lang and Mr. John Hartmann "the greatest chess editor of all time" are greatly interfering with THE PLAN.. Despite my heroic very best efforts to die alone, manifestly cursed and forgotten,dreadfully poor .. It is NOT WORKING....but I did my very best....You Jj "the Cool" and Mr. John "the greatest chess editor of all,time " New Orleans skyrocketing film maker Mr.Derek Bridges-Kd video / whose just released (Twelve years in the making documentary!!)worldwide for film festivals three weeks ago ( !! Yup ,you can't make this unbelievable stuff up-When you are are hot!)the 12 years in the making kickstarted startling documentary opus"THE MAN IN THE RED BERET' documentary is now exploding in film festivals all over the world..headed for streamingWITH CAPTIONS in 190 fide chess nations ..the incredible Derek Bridges UNCENSORED 12 years in making!!masterpiece with my full greatness and feisty humility on full display.. !!......after a drawn match with grandmaster 6 time American chess champion Walter S. Browne (2.5-2.5 score -.the last 5 Acers-Grandmaster Walter Shawn Browne games in Browne's personal belongings His personal career scoresheets -i.e. Authorities historian -author Mr. John Donaldson)
-.....despite two absolute monster Guinness book of world record Jude Acers Guinness chess simultaneous exhibitions versus 117 opponents at Lloyds Centre/Portland,Oregon (1973)- thank you certified mega promo managerial genius ,the late great Mr. Russell W. Miller(1942-2020)-........ and the killer absolute monster Acers versus 179 opponents at one time Guinness certified 18,000 people door count Mid Isle Plaza(Broadway Plaza) Long Island,New York July 2-3,1976 ...''18 hour mega epic....-thank you(again!) certified mega promo managerial genius ,the late great Mr. Russell .Miller..and thank you Mr. Richard "supervolk" Shorman (1938-2023)who massively showed me how to serve up via countless small California towns.. chess theater -REALLY stage matters like a Jude on the road hurricane ... lock stock and barrel....after hundreds of Absolutely Free off the Greyhound bus prison and school chess exhibitions ,more than 1000 greyhound bus and rock and rollJude Acers chess Appearances in 46 states and Many nations................I had absolutely told New Orleans chess wild child /tycoon/mad biker Mr.Royden "Louisiana po boy" Lynch /ceo/sole owner of huge "Computrols" builders firm. hop aboard one of his eleven Personal bicycles ( is tough..people,you can't make this stuff up!) ride out to his plush playboy fisherman's yacht
and to take my fresh dead body in a sack to the land of wonderful Louisiana people.. and Louisiana water and swamp and feed me to the fish.....It has been a tremendous ride all over the world ,NO REGRETS... chess really did save my life when the plane went down. Thank you anew To Jj "the cool" And the absolutely fabulous Sir John. "Honest Abe" Hartmann..."the greatest chess editor of all time".........Please note that just breaking three days ago.. Acers huge monster bio in print New Orleans Advocate Picayune Sunday newspaper and on article -19 photographs!!!!!!!!by staff photographer Scott Threlkeld /article by cracker Jack ace features writer/New Orleans Advocate-Picayune journalist Sir Doug MacCash.. is really rocking New Orleans with absolute shock thunder and awe.. People everywhere are already running up to me in the street,often glowing, in the grocery talk chess..fueled by the MacCash titanic ink(this entire massive media monster was of course on a dime TOTALLY set up by YOU KNOW WHO,..The all universe New Orleans chess press agent Miss Baylee Badawy/theNew Orleans Jazz Fest media relations /digital strategist/"flash and dash"artist promotions powerhouse..she also TOTALLY set up the super chess grandmasterNakamura -Acers New Orleans French quarter thunder walk tour January 11-13 ,2023 ..filmed by independent film maker ELLA PRAVETZ.....Oh man...just wait until the Derek Bridges film "the man in the red beret" hits WORLDWIDE with all that hot stuff New Orleans music ,scorching chess femme fatales and LYNN DRURY,that little sweetie's music soundtrack!! .... true life chess adventures up close and personal..
THUNDER AND OYSTERS for The Envie Chess Cafe One dollar USChess rated entry fee!!!Monday-Thursday 7pm chess maestro Andrew Squitiro's eternal chess for all times Envie Cafe( 1241 Decatur street) New Orleans$1 rated tourneys!..ONE DOLLAR...visit the entire Louisiana chess world ..........Hope "the cool" and El editor supremo... Plus . entire United crew/ all US chess readers are having hysterical unbelievable fun with all this incredible SEE iT NOW chess surfing,thunder, caramel popcorn and.... can I get a witness...The Jude Acers pure unbelievable unmitigated lucky RIGHT NOW beyond all words media rabbits foot dynamite! .(.I am red hot..all by total convergence of stars,pure chance..all in two weeks.Strangely,I was the last to find out about all of this..Pure luck..)
,. Sir John And Jj "the cool"...I play chess,,therefore I am!
Jude F.Acers/New Orleans. . ps message to editor Hartmann from Jude Acers,the greatest chess master of all time.... Owe you and Mr,Jamie Foxx. BIGTIME(Readers don't miss. pleaseeeeee.See Hartmann's true life wild west penmanship..... "Outfoxxed"" ). /US .A card of credit for real for Mr. Hartmann... and like Grandmaster Nakamura's stunning exclusive interview with US Chess..believe me its going to come in there like a nuclear bomb..the Louisiana swamp is not quite ready for me yet!( I still definitely want to ride on Louisiana"po boy"Royden Lynch's playboy fisherman's yacht however!). ........ as for you. Hartmann..this is really it jack .. ..this does interfered with THE PLAN.....greatly.You're really gonna get it! Seriously,thank you so very much.. Long may you and your whole cool

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