USA-Romania Youth Match Scheduled for Saturday, July 11

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JULY 9 UPDATE: Pairings

U.S. vs. Romania

Category Name ID FIDE rating Match # Name ID FIDE rating
U18 Boys IM Ben Li Benusa 2376 1 FM George Stoleriu George Stoleriu 2349
U18 Boys FM Christopher Shen cys9772 2354 2 FM Mircea Țălu Mircea Talu 2351
U18 Boys FM Jason Liang Ratheya 2340 3 Andrei-Cristian Bulău AndreiBulau 2199
U18 Girls IM Annie Wang Thehappyfarmer 2384 4 WFM Miruna-Daria Lehaci miruna_daria28 2223
U18 Girls WIM Akshita Gorti Qxg7Mate 2242 5 Denisa-Andreea Bucur denisaaab 2063
U18 Girls Ruiyang Yan yanshg 2093 6 Mălina-Andreea Aciu Malina Aciu 2091
U16 Boys FM Aydin Turgut volcanoexplorer 2269 7 FM Mihnea-Ionuț Ognean Mihnea Ognean 2298
U16 Boys Dimitar Mardov dimitar_mardov 2265 8 FM Dragoș-Andrei Antonică DraG0sH 2301
U16 Boys Shelev Oberoi tufferguy 2176 9 Cristian-Ștefan Șerban crstian serban 2065
U16 Girls WFM Anne-Marie Velea bluequeen20 1921 10 WFM Alessia-Mihaela Ciolacu Alessia-mihaela 2052
U16 Girls Zoey Tang 1871 11 Ilinca-Petra Bătăgan PETRA05 1833
U16 Girls Ashley Pang sunflowers2020 1725 12 Maria Anghel Mariaa2004 1826
U14 Boys Jonathan Chen JCB_USCF 2167 13 Robert-Ionut Creangă Roby2021 2053
U14 Boys Rushaan Mahajan Warmoatmealchess 2151 14 Andrei Filip An2r3i 2003
U14 Boys Evan Park evanpark 2146 15 Dan Băntescu Danbnt5 2026
U14 Girls Natalie Wisniowski storkusa 1707 16 Oana-Magdalena Șchiopu Schiopu_Oana 1601
U14 Girls Nune Khachatryan ChessQueen2007 1554 17 Ariana-Roxana Ciocan Ciocan Ariana 1548
U14 Girls Stephanie Velea geniussnail 1536 18 Anisia Spiridon Epoli602 1551
U12 Boys Bryan Xie Largecrab1234 2050 19 Vladimir-Alexandru Cnejev VladyC 2123
U12 Boys Erick Zhao ErickErica2017 2039 20 Filip Magold Puff Iggly 2043
U12 Boys Sriram Krishnakumar ksriram 1981 21 Matei-Andrei Coicev COTEV 1845
U12 Girls Sophie Velea jumping2victory 1643 22 Iulia-Cristiana Ștefan iulia_stefan 1570
U12 Girls Sara Sachin Gupta SGchess15 1582 23 Alexia Andrieș Epoli193 1439
U12 Girls Anika Rajaram kiiroitori 1528 24 Sofia-Ioana Borisov Sofia1977 1462
U10 Boys Anshul Shetty A-Shu 1589 25 Robert-Gabriel Sava Sava_Robert 1678
U10 Boys Rohan Rajaram ninjatrick 1530 26 Andrei Negrean AndreiNegrean 1506
U10 Boys Benjamin Benchen Tang 1464 27 Cosmin Tanasie 1491
U10 Girls Rachael Li attackuntilmate 1939 28 Flavia Sida 1395
U10 Girls Jocelyn Chen JCJC_USCF 1502 29 Abigel Kiss Epoli639 1182
U10 Girls Audrey Zhou LittleYiYi 1034 30 Ariana Badica Ari2011 1183


US Chess announces the selection of the 30-player team that will represent the United States in a friendly match against Romania this Saturday, July 11.  85 players submitted applications.

If an invitee is unable to participate, US Chess will identify an alternate, based on the criteria in the match announcement below.  

More information will be announced soon – specifically, the identities of our Romanian opponents, once they have selected their team.

U.S. Roster for Romania Match

U.S. Roster for Romania Match
Category Gender Name Age as of 1/1/2020 FIDE rating
U18 Boys Ben Li 17 2376
U18 Boys Christopher Shen 15 2354
U18 Boys Jason Liang 12 2340
U18 Girls Annie Wang 17 2384
U18 Girls Akshita Gorti 17 2242
U18 Girls Ruiyang Yan 12 2093
U16 Boys Aydin Turgut 15 2269
U16 Boys Dimitar Mardov 11 2265
U16 Boys Shelev Oberoi 13 2176
U16 Girls Anne-Marie Velea 15 1921
U16 Girls Zoey Tang 11 1871
U16 Girls Ashley Pang 12 1725
U14 Boys Jonathan Chen 12 2167
U14 Boys Rushaan Mahajan 13 2151
U14 Boys Evan Park 12 2146
U14 Girls Natalie Wisniowski 13 1707
U14 Girls Nune Khachatryan 12 1554
U14 Girls Stephanie Velea 12 1536
U12 Boys Bryan Xie 10 2050
U12 Boys Erick Zhao 11 2039
U12 Boys Sriram Krishnakumar 11 1981
U12 Girls Sophie Velea 11 1643
U12 Girls Sara Sachin Gupta 11 1582
U12 Girls Anika Rajaram 11 1528
U10 Boys Anshul Shetty 9 1589
U10 Boys Rohan Rajaram 8 1530
U10 Boys Benjamin Benchen Tang 9 1464
U10 Girls Rachael Li 9 1939
U10 Girls Jocelyn Chen 9 1502
U10 Girls Audrey Zhou 8 1034


US Chess is soliciting youth players to compete in a friendly 30-board match against Romanian youth.  This match is the brainchild of Michael Khodarkovsky, FIDE Delegate from the USA, and Ion-Serban Dobronauteanu, FIDE Delegate from Romania. 

The match will take place on the server.  Play will begin at 12:00pm Eastern time, Saturday, July 11.  The match will be composed of two games (each player will play two games against the same opponent, one with each color).  The time control will be game in 15 minutes, with 10 seconds increment from move one (G/15+10). 

The USA and Romanian teams will have players in each of five age groups, distributed as shown below.

# Boards

Age (as of January 1, 2020)

# Boys

# Girls


Under 10




Under 12




Under 14




Under 16




Under 18




Players on the USA team must be flagged as USA by FIDE.

Applicants for the match will be sorted by age, gender and FIDE rating (as of the July 2020 FRL).  The highest three rated USA players in each age and gender group will qualify for the team.  If a qualifying player is unavailable to participate, US Chess will contact the next player in line by rating to fill that spot. 

The chief arbiter for the match will be FA Lucian Jugaru of Romania.  The USA team captain and technical assistant will be NTD/NA Joe Yun.  Joe has been the backroom chief for numerous national scholastic events.  He has also been the chief TD of the US Amateur Team playoffs held online, and regularly runs online events for Progress With Chess out of Cleveland, Ohio.

There will be at least one, and possibly more, optional blitz tournaments scheduled prior to the day of the match.  The purpose of these blitz tournaments is to help players become more familiar with the interface, if not already acclimated.  Details about these warm-up events will be sent out shortly after the teams for both countries are announced.

Webcams will not be required for participants in this friendly match.  Results will not be rated by either US Chess or FIDE.  There is no entry fee, and there are no prizes (other than bragging rights!). 

If you are interested in entering the event, please complete the form at  The form will be open for registrations until 5:00pm Eastern time Saturday, July 4.  Notification of qualifiers will be sent that same evening.  You do not have to have a account to sign up for the match, but you will of course need one to participate, so it makes sense to set one up before registering!

If you have questions, please contact the Director of Events, Boyd Reed, at

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