US Chess Seeks Correspondence Chess Program Coordinator

US Chess is seeking a part-time contractor to fill the role of Correspondence Chess Coordinator. This role is envisioned to be be 8-10 hours/week and will have day-to-day responsibility for administering the US Chess correspondence program.


Job Title: Correspondence Chess Program Coordinator

Job Type: Contract

Hours: Part Time (8-10 hours/week)

Location: Base is Crossville, Tennessee; Teleworking Allowed


Key Responsibilities

General Correspondence Chess Events

  • Collect correspondence chess event registrations and update US Chess website with participant information
  • Assign pairings/groupings for correspondence events
  • Communicate event information to players via email and regular mail
  • Set up events on ICCF
  • Oversee events in progress as TD, deal with any issues
  • Collect and enter results for rating
  • Send prizes, certificates, gift vouchers
  • Maintain standings for Knights events

Absolute Championship

  • Obtain list of qualified players
  • Recruit players to put field together
  • Advertise event, solicit donations for prize fund
  • Arrange and run event
  • Provide US Chess with prizes to be paid


  • Work with US Chess on Chess Life articles/advertising
  • Help publish monthly article on Chess Life Online (The Check is in the Mail)
  • Maintain CC webpage on


  • Deal with general Correspondence Chess inquiries
  • Issue title certificates based on US Chess Correspondence Chess ratings
  • Work with US Chess Accountant to manage program finances
  • Work with US Chess office on Correspondence Chess gift certificate processing


  • US Chess rating, including experience as a Correspondence Player.
  • Proficiency with US Chess Correspondence Chess rules and regulations
  • Standing as a US Chess Tournament Director, Local designation or higher
  • Excellent customer service skills that highlight strong communication, diplomacy, rapid response, teamwork and ability to think on one’s feet.


  • Comfortable with information technology, including web page editing
  • Strong writing skills.


The Director of Events or his designee will provide primary backup duties of the Correspondence Chess Coordinator and oversee the work of the contractor. 

Applications for this position must be sent to Judy Misner at and include "Correspondence Chess Coordinator" in the email’s subject. In addition to a resume and cover letter, please provide the names and contact information for 3 references. The deadline for submitting an application is October 21 at 5 pm Central. No phone calls, please.

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