US Chess to Launch Groundbreaking Internship Program

Starting this Summer, and running through Fall, The US Chess Federation (US Chess) plans to launch an innovative internship program aimed at current high school students and incoming college freshmen. This initiative is set to revolutionize US Chess' technological landscape while providing invaluable learning experiences for participants.

We have received numerous phenomenal applicants and are excited about the potential they bring to our organization. This cutting-edge program will focus on several key projects, each designed to significantly enhance US Chess' efficiency and technological capabilities:

  1. Digitization of US Chess’ Digital Archive: Interns will undertake the significant task of digitizing the extensive archives of Chess Life magazine, dating back to 1946. The archives are currently available in PDF format. This project includes converting descriptive chess notation to algebraic notation, ultimately creating a fully searchable online magazine.

  2. Development of an Open Source AI Model: Interns will develop an AI model capable of training on game annotations from Chess Life archives and other sources, as well as chess analysis videos from platforms like YouTube. This AI will integrate with chess engines to provide human-like explanations for chess moves and strategies. The ability to study chess with an engine that offers explanations similar to those of a Grandmaster is truly transformative, showcasing the significant potential of AI in chess.

  3. Web-based Application Testing Using Selenium: Interns will implement automated testing for the US Chess website using Selenium. This will enhance the website’s reliability and user experience by identifying and addressing potential issues.

  4. AI-Driven Operational Improvements: Interns will evaluate the operations of various US Chess departments and recommend AI-driven solutions to improve efficiency and streamline workflows.

  5. Online Magazine Interface Development: Interns will work to develop a user-friendly online interface for the digitized issues of Chess Life magazine, using an Open Source Content Management System, making it easier for members to access and enjoy these historical publications.

This internship program not only aims to improve US Chess' technological infrastructure but also contributes to the open-source community by creating valuable tools for chess enthusiasts worldwide. By working on these innovative projects, interns will gain invaluable experience and skills, preparing them for future careers in technology and beyond.

The AI-driven chess analysis project, in particular, will significantly advance US Chess' mission of empowering people, enriching lives, and enhancing communities through chess. By providing players with advanced tools to understand and improve their game, we are making chess more inclusive and accessible, supporting our vision of using chess as an essential tool for education, rehabilitation, recreation, and competition.

This year's program will begin the last week of June and run through the end of the year.