US Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess, 7th Edition, Published in Multiple Formats

The US Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess, 7th Edition by Chief Editor Tim Just has now been published in multiple formats:

Print: Available from US Chess Sales, the exclusive seller, here (note: this link takes you to an external site) for $21.99: US Chess Rulebook Print Edition

eBook: Available from Amazon here (note: this link takes you to an external site) for $14.99: US Chess Rulebook eBook

Free Download: Chapters 1 (Official Rules of Chess), 2 (Official Rules of Chess Tournament Section), and 11 (Blitz Chess) are available for free download here as individual chapters or as a single package: US Chess Rulebook Free Downloadable Chapters

This comprehensive rulebook is the only guide sanctioned and compiled by US Chess. It is designed as a reference for all chess players—but especially tournament chess players—and tournament directors.

This new edition includes:

  • All relevant rules and updates enacted by US Chess since the 6th Edition.
  • The US Chess Code of Ethics
  • Important upgrades to tournament director certification.

Chief Editor Tim Just says, “Players and Tournament Directors alike will love the upgrades in this 7th edition: New graphics; more readable tables; plus all the updates to the rules since the 6th edition. Don’t go to a tournament without it.”

Previous versions of the rulebook through the years. Photo courtesy of Robert Simpson.

If you notice any errors in any of the book formats, please inform Daniel Lucas at [email protected]


  1. Is there anywhere I can go to physically pick up a copy? I’m not paying $20 for 2 week delivery of a book!

    • Have you tried the free download mentioned above? While the free version does not have all the chapters contained in the paperback/e-book versions, it does contain all the tournament rules for playing in chess events. And the download offers almost instant delivery!?

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