US Chess Announces 2020 World Youth Championships Invitees

The US Chess Federation is pleased to announce the list of players who are officially invited to participate in the 2020 World Youth (Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18) Chess Championships to be held in Mamaia, Romania, from September 7-20, 2020.

These students earned this honor by meeting the peak-post tournament (PPT) rating and activity criteria in their age and gender categories according to the Scholastic National Invitational Event and Award Requirements based on the 12-month period prior to the February 1, 2020 rating supplement. The top players by PPT rating in each age category are considered the United States Official Representatives (OR) by FIDE, the World Chess Federation, but all USA players may compete in the event as part of the US Chess delegation.

Additionally, players may qualify as Personal Rights (PR) players by winning a gold medal at the 2020 Pan-American Youth Championship or if they won a medal at the 2019 World Youth or World Cadet tournaments (subject to organizer's regulations). Official representatives and personal rights players receive a travel stipend as well as free high-level coaching, waived or discounted entry fees, waived administrative fees, and their portion of the room and board fees are also covered for the dates of the event. Travel, accommodation and all fees for accompanying persons are the player’s responsibility and note should be made of the US Chess Unaccompanied Minor Policy.

All other invited players are responsible for all fees, plus a US Chess administrative fee, and are welcome to pay for the same high-level coaching. All other players who did not make the invited list should note that the FIDE World Youth is an open tournament and any US Chess member who meets the age and eligibility requirements may participate as a regular player and pay their own way to play. A player's age for this tournament is his/her age as of January 1, 2020 and the age/gender categories are Open and Girls, Under 18, Under 16 and Under 14.

Details and regulations concerning the 2020 World Youth are not yet posted by the organizers, but will be posted here when they become available. Once the regulations are posted, US Chess will open up a registration period which players can use to register for the event. No advanced registrations will be accepted.

More information about international youth events can be found here. Please contact Chris Bird, FIDE Events Manager at if you have any questions regarding this event.

Congratulations to the following players who are invited to be the Official U.S. Representatives to the 2020 World Youth!

Awonder Liang (Wisconsin) – OR
Brandon Jacobson (New Jersey)
David Brodsky (New York)
Praveen Balakrishnan (Virginia)
Hans Niemann (Connecticut)
Ben Li (Michigan)
Carissa Yip (Massachusetts)
Josiah Stearman (California)
Annie Wang (California)
Justin Chen (New York)
Justin Paul (Virginia)
Carissa Yip (Massachusetts) – OR
Annie Wang (California)
Akshita Gorti (Virginia)
Emily Quynh Nguyen (Texas)
Thalia Cervantes (Missouri)
Sophie Morris-Suzuki (New York)
Susanna Ulrich (Wisconsin)
Sanjana Vittal (New Jersey)
Shreya Mangalam (Illinois)
Cindy Zhang (California)
Chang Xu (Arizona)
Sasha Konovalenko (Michigan)
Aria Hoesley (Illinois)
Angelica Chin (New Jersey)
Kimberly Liu (California)
Sara Herman (Colorado)



Justin Wang (Texas) – OR
Andrew Zhang Hong (California)
Anthony He (Washington)
Maximillian Lu (Connecticut)
Wesley Wang (New York)
Robert Sylyakhtenko (California)
Balaji Daggupati (California)
Christopher Shen (Ohio)
Shunkai Peng (Oregon)
Nikhil Kumar (Florida)
Aydin Turgut (Indianapolis)
Vincent Tsay (New York)
Andy Huang (Virginia)
Danila Poliannikov (Massachusetts)
Anish Vivekananthan (Texas)
Samrug Narayanan (Minnesota)
Alex Kolay (California)
Elton Cao (Ohio)
Martha Samadashvili (New York)
Raghav Venkat (Florida)

Martha Samadashvili (New York) – OR
Sheena Zeng (Kansas)
Evelyn Zhu (New York)
Gracy Franco Prasanna (Pennsylvannia)
Yassamin Ehsani (New York)
Anne-Marie Velea (Washington)
Anh Nhu Nguyen (Texas)
Arya Kumar (North Carolina)
Iris Yi-Xian Zhou (Missouri)
Ambica Yellamraju (Texas)
Annapoorni Meiyappan (California)
Minda Chen (Washington)
Aasa Dommalapati (Virginia)
Amy Lei (Massachusetts)
Diana Sophia Suralik (New Jersey)
Shama Yisrael (Florida)
Ashley Mei Yan (Illinois)
Carissa Angela Zheng (Maryland)
Aparna Yellamraju (Texas)
Sophie Tien (Washington)
Charisse Woods (Michigan)
Jessica Hyatt (New York)


Christopher Yoo (California) – OR
Arthur Guo (Georgia)
Jason Wang (Ohio)
Jason Liang (New York)
Nico Werner Chasin (New York)
Eric Yuhan Li (California)
Eddy Tian (New Jersey)
Evan Park (Pennsylvannia)
Kirk Ghazarian (California)
Noah Henry Thomforde-Toates (Pennsylvannia)
Ming Lu (California)
Rochelle Wu (California)
Teddie Wen (California)
Davis Zong, Jr (New York)
Paris Prestia (New York)
Merric Hu (New Jersey)
Derek Christopher Clasby (New Jersey)
Tejas Rama (New Jersey)
Kevin Pan (California)
Serkan Salik (California)
Shelev Oberoi (Texas)
Vyom Vidyarthi (California)
Arthur Xu (Illinois)
Terry Luo (Delaware)
Sullivan McConnell (Colorado)
Ruiyang Yan (California)
Justin Lee (New Jersey)
Sandeep Sethuraman (Arizona)
Rushaan Mahajan (Washington)
Harry Le (Georgia)
Jack Levine (New York)
Tommy Wen (California)
Eric Zhang (Washington)
Jonathan Chen (California)
Rochelle Wu (California) – OR
Ruiyang Yan (California)
Ellen Wang (New York)
Rianne Ke (California)
Nura Baalla (New York)
Jenny Zhu (New York)
Ashley Pang (California)
Natalie Wisniowski (Illinois)
Gauri Menon (Wisconsin)
Joy Cao (Massachusetts)
Aksithi Eswaran (California)
Emma Cheng (Ohio)
Tianna Wang (Massachusetts)
Asha Kumar (North Carolina)
Yesun Lee (California)
Chelsea Zhou (California)
Lilian Wang (Pennsylvannia)
Aayushma Rai (New York)
Kalia Yuke Wang (Texas)
Evelyn Zhang (Massachusetts)
Ellie Zhang (California)
Lily Deng (Washington)
Dhriti Iyer (Pennsylvannia)


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