US Chess Accepting T-Shirt Vendor Bids for National Events

The US Chess Federation (US Chess) is soliciting T-Shirt Vendor bids for the following FY 2018-2019 through FY 2020-2021 National events.  The US Chess fiscal year starts on June 1 and ends on May 31. This will be a three-year agreement, with an optional fourth year, as listed below. 2018 U.S. Open, July 28 – August 5, 2018, Middleton, Wisconsin 2018 National K-12 Grade Championships, December 14 – 16, 2018, Orlando, Florida 2019 National High School (K-12) Championship, March 15-17, 2019, Schaumburg, Illinois 2019 National Junior High (K-9) Championship, April 26-28, 2019, Grapevine, Texas 2019 National Elementary (K-6) Championship, May 10-12, 2019, Nashville, Tennessee 2019 U.S. Open, August 3-11, 2019, Orlando, Florida 2019 National K-12 Grade Championships, December 13-15, 2019, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 2020 National High School (K-12) Championship, April 3-5, 2020, Memphis, Tennessee 2020 National Junior High (K-9) Championship, April 24-26, 2020, Jacksonville, Florida 2020 National Elementary (K-6) Championship, May 8-10, 2020, Nashville, Tennessee 2020 U.S. Open, August 8-16, 2020, Saint Charles, Missouri 2020 National K-12 Grade Championships, December 11-13, 2020, Orlando, Florida 2021 SuperNationals VII, May 7-9, 2021, Nashville, Tennessee. This event combines the National High School (K-12), the National Junior High (K-9) and the National Elementary (K-6) Championships. The agreement will also include an option, subject to vendor and US Chess approval, for FY 2021-2022, for the following events: 2021 U.S. Open, July 31-August 8, 2021, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 2021 National K-12 Grade Championships, December 3-5, 2021, Orlando, Florida 2022 National High School (K-12) Championship, April 8-10, 2022, Memphis, Tennessee 2022 National Junior High (K-9) Championship, April 29-May 1, 2022, Grapevine, Texas 2022 National Elementary (K-6) Championship, May 2022, TBD The bid process is a sealed process. No bid will be shared until the deadline for submission has passed. Bids must be submitted to not later than February 19, 2018.  Details for each event, including hotel name, address and telephone number, are available on the US Chess National Events Calendar, . US Chess will:
  1. Provide adequate space for the T-Shirt vendor with tables and chairs at all listed National Events.
  2. Provide a point of contact person at the event.
  3. Include a complimentary half-page in the Program Booklet for each event.
  4. Include vendor advertising on the US Chess webpage for each event.
  5. Provide vendor with list of pre-registrations no later than one week prior to the event.
Bid will:
  1. Include the percentage of sales to US Chess. Bid may also include a minimum guaranteed amount for each fiscal year.
  2. State that complimentary staff apparel will be provided at each event.
  3. Acknowledge that proof artwork will be provided to US Chess, with ample time for edits, that the designs are subject to the US Chess approval and that US Chess may use the designs for promotional purposes.
  4. Acknowledge that vendor will notify the US Chess Director of Events of the number of desired tables for each event. Notification must be provided at least 30 days prior to each event.
  5. Acknowledge that vendor is responsible for arranging for electrical power and internet service with venue.
  6. Acknowledge that vendor is responsible for making arrangements concerning the delivery or pick up of product with venue.
  7. Acknowledge that vendor must pay any drayage fees associated with the T-Shirt vending.
  8. Acknowledge that vendor will provide the US Chess Director of Events with its contact information and arrival and departure dates, not later than 30 days prior to each event.
  9. Acknowledge that vendor will submit its hours of operations at least 30 days prior to each event, and acknowledge that the schedule is subject to approval by the US Chess Director of Events.
Competitive bids will be evaluated on the following criteria:
  1. Completeness of bid pursuant to requirements listed above.
  2. Financial terms that benefit US Chess.
  3. Past performance (if any) at US Chess events.
  4. Special offerings that enhance the experience of the chess tournament.
Please direct all questions to US Chess Director of Events, Boyd Reed, US Chess is also accepting bookstore bids for National Events. 

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