A Special Statement From US Chess

“We believe everyone has a seat at the chess table.” This is one of the six core values of US Chess. It informs our rules, our governance, our events, and our societal outreach. Our elected leaders and professional staff strive to uphold that value in all we do. Chess is often said to imitate life. Sometimes a game of chess reaches a position that requires bold, uncomfortable action to win. When that position arises, you either seize the moment and take decisive action, or you lose. Our community, our country, and our world has collectively recoiled in horror and anger at the death of George Floyd. We see the outpouring of anguish and despair among so many of us. We acknowledge the acute pain of the Black community, which has suffered so much of the burden of racism in American history while contributing immeasurably to the advancement of America. We realize that this is now a position where we must make our stand known, without trepidation or reservation. US Chess reaffirms our absolute commitment to equal treatment and equal opportunity for all our members and all people, regardless of race, gender, religion, physical ability, political affiliation, or economic status. We offer our full support to the Black community, and to all who believe the only thing that should ever separate us are the 64 squares of a chess board. We comprehensively reject discrimination in all its forms. We encourage our affiliates, our individual members, and our supporters to reflect the best of who we are, and the best of who we aspire to be.  We will continue to listen, to learn, and to implement policies of inclusion and education. Most importantly, we welcome all who love chess, who want to learn about chess, and who want to use chess as a vehicle for positive change in our society and our world.

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