Rowson Returns!

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Jonathan Rowson (courtesy Brendan O'Gorman)


The acclaimed Scottish author and public intellectual GM Jonathan Rowson had largely (save a few London Chess Classics) retired from competitive chess, but last September saw him back at the board at the Mindsports Masters in London.



In round eight he played one of the most fascinating games of the year.



Afterwards, Rowson tweeted that while he’d shed a few rating points, “chess [was] back in [his] life,” and indeed, he has continued to play regularly in both the 4NCL and the London Chess League.



Here are two recent games of note: a fine win at the expense of GM Gawain Jones in the London Chess League, and a nice pawn sacrifice and conversion against IM Richard Bates in the 4NCL. 



We will pick up the game against Jones with yet another Exchange sac. This one, however, is more of a "sham" considering Jones has nothing better than returning the favor a few moves later.




To keep up with Rowson’s over-the-board exploits, along with his intellectual efforts, follow him on Twitter at @Jonathan_Rowson. And check out his annotations to the Willow game in the November issue of Chess.


Note: an earlier version of this text appears in the February issue of Chess Life.


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