Results are in at the 16th Annual KCF All Girls Nationals

A chessplayer walks into a Star Wars convention
Results are in at the 16th Annual Kasparov Chess Foundation All Girls Nationals. Winners include 9-year-old Alice Lee of Minnesota, who played way up to win the Under 18 section. Aria Hoesley took down the Under 16, Sophie Tien won the Under 14 and Iris Mou prevailed in the Under 12. Riya Kanury tied with Mary Elisabeth Tracy in the Under 10 and Alexandra Phung scored a perfect 6-0 in the Under 8. Find full final standings here. 
Alice Lee
The event, held April 12-14 was presented by Renaissance Chess Knights and the KCF in association with US Chess. The tournament coincided with a Star Wars convention, allowing for plenty of amazing photo-ops. Look for games, photos and a full story from Betsy Zacate early this week.


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What an amazing girl! Very proud to be her aunt.

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Alice Lee is basically my best friend.

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In 2018 at the Chicago open, she sat down across from me. I’m 50 years old, been playing chess for 20 years and I thought, “Well, can I win this game? Some 8 year olds can be very tough. But I’ve got a lot of experience!” One blunder later and she was all over me. I ended up resigning a few moves later. She crushed me in more ways than one. “What just happened!?” I thought..... She’s gonna be good! Very good!

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Congrats Alexandra!

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Tiger means Tiger Woods?} ah, Alexa's partner in golf)

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Link Update to 2019 National Girls results:

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