Registration Open for American World Cup Qualification Stage - World Cup 2021

The Confederation of Chess for Americas (CCA) is organizing an American Continent Tournament to qualify 8 players for this year’s World Cup to be held in Sochi, Russia from July 10-August 3, 2021. The full details of the event can be found at

The tournament will be held in two stages, both to be played using the Tornelo online platform,

The Preliminary stage, to be held May 7-9, is open to all USA-flagged FIDE players rated under 2500 on the April 1, 2021 FIDE Standard Rating List. This will be an online Swiss tournament with the number of rounds and time control (rapid or blitz) dependent on the number of entries. Full details will be announced on May 3, 2021 regarding the format and number of players who will qualify for the Knockout Stage.

The Knockout Stage, to be held May 22-30, is open to all USA-flagged FIDE players rated 2500 or higher on the April 1, 2021 FIDE Standard Rating List and those who qualify from the Preliminary Stage. This will be an online Knockout format tournament with the main games being played at a time control of 120 minutes for the whole game with a 30 second increment from move 1. However, all players must participate in-person from the designated USA “Tournament Hall” at the St. Louis Chess Club.

Please note the following regulations will be in effect for the Knockout Stage:

  • Players must provide their own playing equipment, e.g. laptop and camera, that allows for access to the internet and the use of Zoom for a camera and screen sharing while participating.
  • Chess boards and sets will not be provided. If two USA players are paired together, they will both play the game online using their own setups.
  • COVID protocols will be in effect, with adequate spacing between players and face coverings required to be always worn.
  • Players are not permitted to have unauthorized electronic devices, including cellphones, in their possession during their games.
  • Spectators will not be permitted into the Tournament Hall.
  • Players are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.

The entry fee for the players needing to start in the Preliminary Stage is $50. All players who qualify for the Knockout Stage will need to pay an additional $40 to confirm participation in the Knockout Stage.

The entry fee for players directly qualifying for the Knockout Stage is $90.


The registration form is located at

Please direct any questions regarding this event to Chris Bird, US Chess FIDE Events Manager,