Ready, Set, Flow: The Games Begin in Nashville

Bughouse at the K-6, Photo Jim Doyle
The games begin at the K-6 Elementary National Championships in Nashville, TN (May 10-13) with bughouse and blitz. was also one of the first to arrive at the Opryland for a weekend full of game analysis and puzzle solving hosted by Fun Master Mike, and featuring special guests throughout the weekend.
FM Mike Klein at the booth, Photo Jim Doyle
The US Chess Women's committee will host Paikidze at the Girls' Room, where the reigning US Women's Champ will participate in a range of activities, including game analysis and a Town Hall Meeting. Kimberly Doo, recently featured on this website, will be the woman at the booth, so be sure to say hi. Also in Nashville: Ben Johnson of the Perpetual Podcast, GMs Robert Hess and Irina Krush and IM Eric Rosen. Find a list of their activities here.  Look for results of the bug and blitz, and pairings for the Main Event on the results and standings pages. Watch live games of the top boards when the Main Event begins here.  Follow IM Eric Rosen's twitter takeovers starting tomorrow @USChess and join in the conversation using the hashtag #ElemChessChamps.

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