NOSC Qualification Weekend 1 Results Released

US Chess, in partnership with the Internet Chess Club (ICC), has concluded its fair play review of the first qualifier weekend of the National Online Scholastic Championship. Results have now been certified and can be found here.  An award breakdown and qualifier list can be found here.

US Chess takes fair play very seriously. Every game played during the event was carefully scrutinized during live play using the ICC analysis tool. After the tournament, experts from the ICC fair play team performed a thorough forensic analysis on the preliminary findings. A final additional review was conducted by Dr. Kenneth Regan, whose methods were recently endorsed by US Chess.

Any players found to have been affected by a fair play violation automatically had their results adjusted according to Rule 28I2 of the US Chess Official Rules of Chess. These adjustments are reflected in the final certified standings.

Players who qualified for the K-12 and K-9 divisions of Championship Weekend will be informed directly via email. This communication will include instructions on the next steps for continuing in the tournament. Best of luck to all the qualifiers!

Any questions can be directed to Click here to show email address.