Nemcova on Forcing Moves & Ballom on Seizing the Initiative [VIDEO]

Stephanie Ballom, photo by David Llada, looking at chess board

Next up for our growing Girls Club class is Stephanie Ballom, who will give a class on Seizing the Initiative.Sign up for the class using our online form.  The classes are free but please check if you have an active US Chess membership. 

Stephanie is a former scholastic chess champion, where she won the 1st KCF National All Girls Championship Under 18 section. She is also a professional chess coach and educator and you can find out more about her on

WGM Katerina Nemcova, a frequent coach for our Girls Club Zoom classes, created a video for our growing YouTube channel and "Class in Session" Playlist on Forcing Moves. The prominent player and coach called this her favorite topic.

Other future Girls Club guests include Women's Program Director Jennifer Shahade herself (August 6th) and our new Ruth Haring Girls Tournament of Champions winner and current Ladies Knight guest IM Annie Wang (August 13)

Katerina is also a regular coach for our smaller "teen girls" group on Tuesday nights. Contact to get on that list. Other recent guests included WIM Ivette Garcia Morales, WIM Beatriz Marinello, and IM Anna Rudolf. You can find highlights or versions of the sessions (which are not recorded live for privacy reasons)on YouTube "Class is in Session playlist.  

Support this initiative with a donation of any size to our Women's Program.