A Merry Chess Christmas From Benko

As US Chess wishes all of our members a Happy Holiday season, Grandmaster Pal Benko challenges you to a few festive problems. Get started with this Mate in Three in the shape of a Christmas tree and move on to an "M" for Merry and a "C" for Christmas.

Mate in Three 

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 1. Kb8  a) 1…Kxb6  2.c8R     b) 1….Kc5  2.c8Q+ 

Mate in Four

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1. Nd4  Kxd4     2.Ra4  Kd3  3.Ra2

Mate in Three   

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1.Bd4  Kg2   2.   Nf1+ Kxf1 3.Rg1# 

For more problems by Pal Benko, find his biography and collected Games and Compositions on US Chess Sales. 

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