Membership System Problem

UPDATE 2:15 PM CT: The problem has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.


We are aware of the problem with our membership processing system and we are actively working to fix it. We appreciate your patience and will post a notice when the problem has been resolved.


we are facing this problem again. I just renewed my son's membership and so far do not see any confirmation. He has tournament tomorrow. I need this fixed asap.

Still waiting on Membership Processing for TD's. Renewals are submitted and nothing happens. They disappear into a black hole. Email requests are ignored. Phone Calls are not returned. I am still waiting for a response. Sure miss the days when someone like Cheryl Bruce was there to answer the phone and the old website that worked flawlessly through 1581 events over the last 13 years.

Renewed membership on Dec 3. Still NO confirmation. Copy of December chess life NEVER received. Copy of January chess life NEVER received.

Hi. I bought a membership on Aug 24, 2021 and it's 6 weeks later today. I still haven't received a membership card in the mail. Does the chess federation not send out those? I wad told by other members that they have membership cards sent to them. Does the US chess federation go on vacation for certain parts of the year like schools do?

Hi Michael - US Chess is currently not sending out hard membership cards. We can manually send you a print-at-home copy, but I don't have your email address attached to this message. If you want to reply and let me know how to reach you, we can do that.

I'm trying to purchase an affiliate membership for the high school chess team I run, but I keep getting a "Payment Failed" message for both my cards.

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