Marshall Wins Cross-Country Bragging Rights

The Marshall Chess Club (New York, NY) and the Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club (San Francisco, CA) are two of the longest-running and most storied American chess institutions. In recent months, and in defiance of the nearly 3,000 mile distance that separates them, the two have taken interesting steps to strengthen their common bonds. After announcing a new reciprocity program between the two clubs, where members in good-standing at one club will receive member’s benefits at the other, teams from the Marshall and Mechanics met in a trans-continental match on Tuesday, October 15th, with the Marshall prevailing by the slimmest of margins at 10.5-9.5. The match was played over ten boards* on, with each club nominating two players in five different rating sections. Each pairing involved two G/25+5 games, with players alternating colors. (Note that the Griffith-Lapshun game does not appear in the match archive, as Lapshun arrived late for the first game and was forfeited.) SCENES FROM THE MARSHALL


Complete pairings and results: Mechanics' – Marshall U2500 FM Kyron Griffith (1.5) - IM Yury Lapshun (0.5) FM Josiah Stearman (0.5) - GM Michael Rohde(1.5) U2300 IM Elliott Winslow (1) - FM Liam Henry Putnam (1) WFM Natalya Tsodikova (1.5) - FM Jon Jacobs (0.5) U2100 David Askin (0) - Charles Hua (2) Manas Paldhe (1) - Glenn Cabasso (1) U1900 Cailen Melville (0) - John A Gruska (2) Felix German (1) - Orion Lehoczky Escobar (1) U1700 Erika Malykin (1) - Chloe Gaw (1) David Rakonitz (2) - Stefan Sekulic Derdowski (0) Final score: Mechanics 9.5, Marshall 10.5.
Read the Mechanics’ post-event wrap here, and relive all the action on the archived livestream from San Francisco.