Lessons on Kasparian Studies, Opening Prep and Hou Yifan Wins [VIDEO]

Our recent series of "Class in Session" videos have featured a variety of instructional and inspiring topics starting with IM Greg Shahade's lesson on Opening Preparation, where he talked about how he improves his blitz chess with organized study on Chessable. The site, part of the Play Magnus group, uses the concept of "spaced repetition" to enhance retention. 


Next, WGM Tatev Abrahamyan gave a lesson about a passion of hers, chess studies. She showed examples from the great Armenian composer Kasparian. 


And WGM, photographer and commentator Anastasiya Karlovich talked about the games of her favorite player, Grandmaster Hou Yifan. She also showed some of her own spectacular photos of Yifan from World Championships. 


Next up: GM Irina Krush on Winning the US Women's Championships. Stay tuned to our US Chess Federation YouTube channel and our Class in Session Playlist so you don't miss any of them.