Ladies Knight with Jen Shahade ft. Devina Devagharan

Jennifer Shahade speaks to WFM Devina aka “Simply Devina” Devagharan about her streaming career, and her strong advocacy for mental health in the chess world and beyond. They discuss the psychological challenges and benefits of the game and Devina’s positive approach to streaming and content. 

Devina Devagharan
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Devina Devagharan

Devina was a guest at our virtual girls club room, and our K-12 National Chess Championships in Memphis, and they mention a bullet match she played against Epiphany "marichess" Peters there.  

Women at the K-12 National Champs
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At the K-12 Chess Championships: Karen Boyd, Luciana Morales, Jen Shahade, Epiphany Peters and Devina Devagharan, Photo by Caroline King

Follow Devina at and She hosts her podcast, Honest Vibes Only with IM Keaton Kiewra and KD Learns Chess on YouTube, Spotify or wherever you enjoy podcasts. More on her bio and lessons at

This episode touches on anxiety and depression. Please text, call or chat 988 to reach the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline if you are experiencing depression. 

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Find out more about host Jennifer Shahade on her website and find her book at US Chess Sales. 

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