Ladies Knight with guest Lauren Goodkind [PODCAST]

Lauren Goodkind

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On the August episode of Ladies Knight, Jennifer interviews author, chess teacher and speaker Lauren Goodkind. Goodkind is a popular Bay Area teacher and the author of “Poison Pieces” and “Queen for a Day: The Girl’s Guide to Chess Mastery.” In her latest book, Queen for a Day, readers work through an entire game with the main character, Sophia, who is new to chess.

Lauren also talks to Jennifer about growing up with a speech impediment, and how chess helped her realize her intelligence and become less self-conscious. “Everyone is smart in their own way. You need to find ways to overcome your obstacles.”

Find Lauren and her books on her website, her chess puzzle site and her YouTube Channel.

Lauren Goodkind with her two books

Jennifer also talks about her girls club classes in this episode, and a special teen girls club for female US Chess members 12-19. Email to get on the list and find highlights from our Girls Club classes on our YouTube playlist. 

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