Ladies Knight with Courtney Lauren Penn [PODCAST]

Courtney Lauren Penn

Jennifer welcomes long-time friend Courtney Lauren Penn to Ladies Knight. Courtney is a producer and the founder of Renegade Entertainment. In addition to being a player in Hollywood, Courtney is also a chessplayer: she was ranked in the top fifty female players in the country for six years, and played in the very first SuperNationals. She is now partnered with actor Thomas Jane, who you know from “Hung” or “Boogie Nights,” “The Punisher,” to run the movie & TV production company, Renegade.  

Courtney explains how producing a film is like and unlike a chess game. Courtney also remembers her experience from the first SuperNationals in Knoxville, and tells Jennifer how she instilled life lessons from the experience to girls in a early 2020 workshop with Jay Stallings’ program, “Promoting to Queens.” Courtney also talks about how chess helped her through pregnancy complications (that ended in the healthy birth of her now two year old son.) 

Follow Courtney Lauren Penn and her work on Renegade’s FB and instagram pages.  You can find out about her extensive list of projects, which includes a TV series based on the Stephen King book, “From a Buick 8” on her IMDB. 

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