Korey Kormick Joins US Chess Staff

Korey Kormick

Korey Kormick, who had been serving as our Interim Ratings Associate following the sad and sudden passing of Susan Kantor, has been named the US Chess Technical & Ratings Manager effective today.  In this role, Korey will be continuing much of the Events-related work he has been doing, as well as taking on a good portion of the work that was once part of the now-defunct Technical Director role. 

Director of Events Boyd Reed says of Korey, "His capacity for learning on the fly, providing consistently excellent customer service, and attention to detail make him the ideal candidate for this job. Korey’s experience as a player, director, arbiter, organizer, and past US Chess staffer have made for a seamless transition from Susan’s jack-of-all-trades role.  I’m very fortunate to have the teammates and partners that I do in the Events Department.  Korey is a most welcome full-time addition to this team."

Kormick has been involved in the chess industry for most of his professional career, because he believes that “Chess is an activity that encourages you to rise to the occasion – to analyze a situation and synthesize a solution.” A student of history, he still enjoys learning by watching documentaries and taking continuing education classes at his alma mater, Rhodes College. His favorite chess quote comes from the philosophy of the 2nd World Chess Champion, Dr. Emanuel Lasker, “Chess teaches us how our life might have turned out, given equal opportunities and an absence of chance.”

You can reach Korey at Click here to show email address.