June 1 Special Delegates Meeting Canceled

The US Chess Executive Board, in support of DM23-50 (Create DC State Chapter Committee), called a Special Delegates Meeting for June 1, 2024, for the singular purpose of supporting DM23-50, to hear the report prepared by the committee formed by the Delegates Meeting enabling the Delegates to take further action as appropriate regarding the new state chapter.  Following the call of the meeting, US Chess received a complaint from an affiliate requesting US Chess to refrain from holding the June 1, 2024, Special Delegates meeting and requesting the Delegates select the DC state chapter at the annual meeting of the Delegates scheduled August, 2024, so that the complaining affiliate, an applicant for the DC State Chapter, may be given the opportunity to respond to the report before the August 2024 Annual Meeting. 

Given the continued disagreement on the issue that caused the Delegates to approve and create a DC State Chapter Committee, the US Chess Executive Board hereby cancels the June 1, 2024, Special Delegates Meeting and instead the Delegates will hear the report from the DC State Chapter Committee at the Annual Meeting in August 2024.  In addition, the Delegates shall receive the credentials of affiliates which have applied for designation as the DC State Chapter in accordance with Article VIII: Organizational Units., Section 1. State Chapters., along with US Chess Executive Board recommendations one month before the Annual Meeting in August 2024.

In light of the foregoing, the Practice Special Delegates Meeting scheduled for May 16, 2024, is also canceled.


US Chess