Hello, St. Louis! US Chess Completes Move to MO

After 18 years in Crossville, Tennessee, US Chess begins a new chapter as an organization at its new home in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Union Station Google Street View

The Union Station complex that is now home to your US Chess Federation. Google Street View.

Effective immediately, our postal address is:

US Chess Federation
P.O. Box 775308
St. Louis, MO 63177

Our main office phone number remains the same: 1-800-903-8723

The best way to reach staff members is via email:

US Chess President Mike Hoffpauir says, “The US Chess mission – to empower people, enrich lives and enhance communities through chess ­– sets us on an exciting course to grow both competitive chess and the culture of chess in the United States. With the world-class chess activities in St. Louis, including the Saint Louis Chess Club’s decade-long string of hosting U.S. Championship events, we are excited about being positioned to better deliver on our nonprofit mission with this move.”

US Chess is forever grateful for the support provided by the City of Crossville, the Crossville community, Crossville businesses, and the State of Tennessee over the past 18 years. Crossville is our 2022 Chess City of the Year. They will always be acknowledged as a valued part of our organization’s history and embraced as dear friends of chess.

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BEST MOVE EVER. International master John Donaldson / Botvinnik world Fide gold medal organizational laureate and (USA world fide Olympiad chess team captain for decades)... ,, long ago warned in writing that the entire US chess promotional arc must be studied and researched..that such a momentous move , if ever, is huge, not a joke, and should not be done lightly like buying popcorn at the movies. .Chess media, chess people, sponsors and promo must be nearby and tremendously concentrated.No more silly jokes allowed.
Proximity to the Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield monster chess fan promo combine ," the'grandmaster hotel" the World Chess Hall of Fame / St. Louis Chess Club building and 'the tallest chess piece in the world" is a powerful feisty wand. Come hither ye chessplayers! Next will surely come the 190 nation world team fide Olympiad in the USA, a true knockout thriller diller 1hour a game flat -two games per day FIDE world chess championship involving hundreds of players from 190 FIDE nations rather than the sick slumberfest dead horse mercifully inflicted SINCE WORLD WAR 1 ALMOST ALWAYS on foreign lands.Chess is growing up and is with soccer, the worlds biggest sport period... and so is US Chess THE FUTURE OF WORLD CHESS. Bravo. Getting real at last.
Jude Acers /New Orleans

I do not know if that is a  good move or not. I guess it is for the time being & it may very well be for the long term. I have yet to visit so cannot know.  I thought it was alright over in New York, too.

You are correct that New York was monster plus location.............. for a reason no one in the world dreamed of at the time..heritage records. ON THE MOVE SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND scoretables and hundreds of thousands of chess shadows, high school chess coaches, chess masters, chess teachers , chess promoters in Kansas and Alaska and Maine, Texas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Mississiooi ...state champions ,, chess ghosts ,, the whole odyssey of Herman Steiner .Evans. Bisguier, Grefe, Koltanowski , Hall, BROWNE ZUKERMAN, SOLTIS, REINFELD, BILLS , SUBU THE INDIAN ,CAPPS ,,Weinburger,Collins, Suttles, Biyiasis, Pupols,James Schroeder, Fritzinger, Blackstone, Ramirez ,
Tarjan, Burkett,A.W. Dake,Larry Kaufmann , KR Smith, and above all WILLIAM ADDISON ...DISAPPEARED IN THE NIGHT . When Diana Lanni was discovered to be Beth in the Queens Gambit by eyewitness Pandolfini ...who knew author Walter Tevis had played chess with her at William Goichberg's backgammon -chess club while crashing in the back as club sandwich maker ...all rated chess games like RECORDS of DIANA AND TEVIS ....ALL OF THEM ...hundreds of thousands of them were "lost "in transit..A killer move indeed. CHILDREN ASK TO SEE THEIR FATHER'S NAME WHEN HE WON THE IOWA CHAMPIONSHIP 60 YEARS AGO.........ahhhh. . the answer my friend
is written in the wind.... The answer is in the wind.
Jude Acers/ New Orleans

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