2022 US Chess Annual Awards Recipients

The US Chess Federation is pleased to announce the 2022 Annual Award recipients. Congratulations to all of these individuals and organizations who are advancing our mission to "empower people, enrich lives, and enhance communities through chess."(Note: Photos will be added as they are received.)

Image Joseph Ippolito

Distinguished Service Award

Joe Ippolito (posthumous)

Image Steve Immitt

Distinguished Service Award

Steve Immitt

Image David Mehler

Outstanding Career Achievement Award

David Mehler

Image Robert S. Moore

Meritorious Services Award 

Robert S. Moore

(US Chess received word in early July about the death of Mr. Moore.)


Special Services Award

David Carl Argall

Image Daaim Shabazz

Special Services Award

Daaim Shabazz

Image Image Caption IM and NYC legend Jay Bonin. Photo: Neot Doron-Repa

Frank J. Marshall Award

Jay Bonin

Image Al & Janelle Losoff Image Caption Photo: Tim Hanks

Organizer of the Year

Al & Janelle Losoff

Image GM Hikaru Nakamura Image Caption GM Hikaru Nakamura. Photo courtesy of SLCC

Grandmaster of the Year

Hikaru Nakamura

Image IM Carissa Yip. Photo: STLCC/Ootes Image Caption IM Carissa Yip. Photo: STLCC/Ootes

Woman Chessplayer of the Year Award

Carissa Yip

Image Asa Hoffmann

Outstanding Player Achievement Award

Asa Hoffmann

Image US Olympiad Team (SLCC) Image Caption Photo: SLCC

Outstanding Team Performance Award

2021 Olympiad Team

Image Hans Niemann Image Caption Photo: Ootes/SLCC

Young Player of the Year Award

GM Hans Niemann

Image Abhimanyu Mishra Image Caption courtesy SLCC / Austin Fuller


Young Player of the Year Award

GM Abhimanyu Mishra

Image Crossville, TN with US Chess Billboard

Chess City of the Year

Crossville, Tennessee

Image States and Affilliates Committees Co-Chairs: Lakshmana Viswanath; Phillip J. Simpkins (not pictured)

Committee of the Year

States & Affiliates

Co-Chairs: Lakshmana Viswanath; Phillip J. Simpkins (not pictured)

Image Education Working Group Co-Chairs: Renae Bartlett; John Gavin (not pictured)

Committee of the Year

Chess in Education Working Group

Co-Chairs: Ranae Bartlett; John Galvin (not pictured)

Image Tim Just

Tournament Director Lifetime Achievement Award

Tim Just

Image Martha Underwood

Tournament Director of the Year

Martha Underwood

Image Kele Perkins

Local Tournament Director Award

Kele Perkins

Image Aaron Ong

Senior Tournament Director Award

Aaron Ong

Image Anthony Ong

Senior Tournament Director Award

Anthony Ong

Image Memphis Chess Club Logo

Chess Club of the Year

Memphis Chess Club

Image SLU Chess Team

Chess College of the Year

Saint Louis University

Image Janelle Losoff

Accessibility and Special Circumstances Person of the Year Award

Janelle Losoff

Image John D Rockefeller, V

Koltanowski Award: Gold

John D. Rockefeller, V

Image Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield

Koltanowski Award: Gold

Rex & Jeanne Sinquefield


Koltanowski Award: Gold

George & Anne Chamberlin (posthumous)

Image David and Maureen Grimaud

Koltanowski Award: Silver

David & Maureen Grimaud


Koltanowski Award: Silver

Lin & Robert Johnson and son Donald Johnson

Image Alan Kirshner

Scholastic Service Award, Individual 

Alan Kirshner

Image Kim Cramer

Scholastic Service Award, Individual

Kim Cramer

Image Impact Coaching Network Logo

Scholastic Service Award, Organization

Impact Coaching Network


Dan Heisman Award for Excellence in Chess Instruction

Bill Cornwall