Going Online: Info for Clubs and Coaches

With no end to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, we are seeing some of our members move more of their chess activities online. This is particularly true for club officials and teachers. Here we provide links to informational videos about online clubs and coaching for our members who may find them useful. Note that US Chess does not endorse any of these videos or products. They are shown here simply as a courtesy to interested members. US Chess will add to this list of resources as we become aware of them.

Well-known California scholastic coach and author Jay Stallings has been involved with two videos that may be of interest to club leaders and teachers. In the first, featuring Dr. Judit Sztaray from the Mechanics Institute Chess Club, we learn how to use chess.com and chesskid.com to run events for club members. Topic: Setting Up and Running Online Events, Tips and Tricks make it easy! In the second, Stallings shows his methods for bringing his teaching online using the Zoom platform. If you are thinking of using Zoom, please be sure to check your security settings and set a password for each meeting or webinar to help avoid any unpleasant problems. Topic: Chess Coach Zoom Training (Using Zoom for online coaching)

From Chesskid.com, we also have a video presentation featuring US Chess Delegate and Chesskid Director of Marketing Michelle Martinez that walks viewers through the basics of the platform. From the session description:

Popular questions answered: *How do I set up a club? *How do I create a chess tournament for my kids? *How do I manage my kids? *How can I use ChessKid as a tool now that I can no longer teach in person? *What are the newest features of the site?

You can replay this webinar here.

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